Why Ireland? Our scholar Tamer Pamuk recounts.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Ireland? Our scholar Tamer Pamuk recounts.

Dear all candidate scholars,

I am one of the 2013 – 2014 Academic Year Jean Monnet scholars and was LL.M Student at Trinity College Dublin in International and Comparative Law LL.M Program.

I wanted to give some insight to scholarship candidates about Ireland, Ireland Universities and especially Trinity College Dublin.

In general, most of candidates prefer to receive education in English speaking countries. In this context Ireland and UK are the best options.

When we compare Ireland and UK, prominent feature which makes Ireland the better option is the people’s friendly approach and talkative personalities. The country’s peaceful and safe environment is also another reason to come here. If you want to speak someone you will easily find people around you who are willing to talk to you. There is no xenophobia and they are very open to different cultures.

Trinity College Dublin and Universities in Ireland:

Trinity College was in the top 50 universities in 2013 and its Library has huge sources. It is a deposit library so every book published in Ireland and England comes to this Library. It also provides large access to most famous online libraries (http://www.tcd.ie/Library/).

It also has very good facilities such as a wonderful gym, Olympic pool, lots of clubs and etc. for all students who can use them without any extra payment.

It should be noted that Irish Universities are well known universities both in social sciences and positive sciences all around the world.

You can apply to Trinity College by using the link this link: http://www.tcd.ie

Trinity College LL.M Courses


For finding Irish Universities you can use the second link I have given below.



Rentals are not very cheap but students can find hostels and studio type apartments. Also universities have student accommodation facilities in their campuses. But for student accommodation early application is necessary.

Job Opportunities

It may not be well known in Turkey but Ireland has lots of companies on medicine, computer, social media, etc. Google, Twitter, E-bay, PayPal have offices here and can give information regarding job opportunities. Through this link (http://ie.indeed.com/jobs) you can also see various job opportunities.

According to me, Ireland is a good option and job options might be better than UK if you wish to take the chance.

Living in Ireland

For shopping, there are two Germany based markets provide very wide range of products with reasonable prices (Aldi and Lidl). Also there are some halal markets and restaurants in Dublin.

There are three mosques in Dublin including the one in the Trinity College.

If you want to get a car, one good option is through the internet site www.adverts.ie. In general pre-owned cars’ prices are decent (500-700 Euros). Insurance and tax cost are not very low but agreeable. You can use your Turkish driving license in Ireland for 12 months. But my advice is to get an international driving license from Turing (www.turing.org.tr)

For transportation, you can use a bicycle. Public transportation is very wide and effective. For students daily buses cost around 3,30 Euros and you can use buses as much as you need in the same day.

Ryanair (http://www.ryanair.com/) provides very acceptable prices to students who wants to visit other countries in Europe. Before coming here it is possible to find accommodation options from www.booking.com , etc.

A person who has a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week during academic semester and up to 40 hours during holidays. In general, salaries vary from 7 to 10 Euros per hour. After postgraduate courses, you can get one year additional visa to seek a job. (http://www.inis.gov.ie/en/INIS/Pages/WP11000076)

For Irish visa procedure;

You can get some information from the following link. (http://www.vfsglobal.com/ireland/turkey/). When you come to Ireland you have to register to Garda (Irish Police) and it costs 300 Euros for every person who is older than 18. Also to get multi-entrance visa for entering to the country multiple times will cost you 100 Euros. However general visa costs less than those of UK.

For married candidates, to get visas for their spouse and children might be a little bit difficult. Normally they do not provide family union for master students. However, the letter given by the Project team will help you during visa application for your family.

In my case I could get visa for my wife and two children by registering my children to private school in Ireland. I can easily tell that private school tuition fees are lower than those in Turkey. I have paid 10.000 Euros for two children. My son will be able to participate to the official university exam (Leaving Certificate) in Ireland in this June.

Can someone still apply for Ireland Universities?

It is not too late for applying to Trinity College and other universities in Ireland. Especially Trinity College is very fast and you can get your answer very fast. But, it is necessary to pay an application fee during online application and it is about 35 Euros. This application fee can be paid online by using your credit card. I know that most of the candidates can apply to UK universities without making any payment. However it is no big deal when you think big and you are going to be able to get more here.

Good luck and best regards,

Tamer Pamuk


2013/2014 Jean Monnet Scholar

LL.M Student at the Trinity College

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